For our customer satisfaction and their experience count the most. We believe in clarity and transparency with our customers and expect this from both sides. While maintaining this relationship we have established some terms and conditions and made it public. The company holds the right to make necessary changes in the terms and conditions policy.

Electronic Communications-

Our relation with the customers is built upon the pillar of trust. For us, our consumers always come first. Any noteworthy query and communications from the customer's side is done by electronic mail while any dispatch or disclaimer or information is shared from our side done via notices, announcements, and emails.


The company holds the copyright for all the images, data, information, infographics, numbers, and strategies in all the reports and articles. Our data is protected by international copyright laws. While utilizing our services you have to agree on the fact that you will be abiding these laws rightfully.

Delivery and Payments-

The company doesn’t accept part payment or credits. The reports can be accessed after the full payment. It takes around 3-5 days for processing the orders. Along with the soft copy, a hard copy of the product is also delivered to the recipient on the given shipping address. The receiving time varies based on the locations. The payments are not refundable.

In some situations, if the recipient cancels the order the payment is reimbursed as company credits and the users could use those credits within a year.

License and Website Access-

There are certain guidelines when it comes to business transactions. A limited access link is sent to the consumer once the transaction is complete. Revoking access rights are reserved by the company itself under some given situations.

The company has the rights to take legal actions against anyone who messes with the rules abiding the licensing and accessing the websites.